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Our democracy is being attacked by "think tanks" and Lula is suffering a lawfare, our justice and the Brazilian state have been kidnapped by the financial market, the media and other sectors.

We need to denounce the state of exception implanted in Brazil under the orders of bankers, rentiers, reactionary sectors of business, judiciary and armed forces, in order to serve their own interests and those of some foreign countries that seek to take care of national wealth, as an example the pre-salt, Embraer, Eletrobras and, consequently, the part of the energy matrix derived from hydroelectric plants, rivers, the Alcântara base, the Amazon, the Guarani aquifer and many others.

I can not fail to inform the pirates of the World what is happening here in Brazil with the help of the media that manipulates simple people without political and cultural training.

Long life for Brazilian democracy and for the Pirates of the World.

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